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Phone cases protect your phone from getting damaged. Do you have a phone and would like to protect it? Here are some of the best cases that you should go for:

Pouches and Sleeves

These cases completely encase your phone in order to protect it from scratches. In addition to this they also provide you with extra padding that protects your device against bumps, drops and shocks. While they are great in protecting your phone, they usually limit access to the phone's touch screen; therefore, if you want to access the features you have to pull your phone from the case.


These ones are ideal if you don't need a lot of protection. For example if you always keep your phone in your pocket, purse or laptop.

The shell encloses your phone in a thin layer of rigid plastic or metal thus providing your device with protection against minor scratches and bumps. It's good to note that this unit won't protect your device from hard drops.

The cool thing with the case is that it provides you with full access to the screen; therefore, you can access all the features of the phone while it's still in the case. Another advantage of the case is that it's slim; therefore, it won't add bulk to your phone.


These are the most popular types of cases in the market. They usually enclose your phone in a layer of silicone rubber. There are both thin and thick skins. Although, thin skins are great as they don't add much bulk, they won't provide your device with extra shock protection.

The good thing with skin cases is that they are easy to remove which is great for you if you like using your phone with accessories that only work on a naked phone.

Ultimate Protection

Do you treat your phone roughly or venture into harsh environments? You should get yourself an ultimate protection case. Although, the case will provide you with all the protection that your phone needs to be safe, it tends to limit your access to buttons and ports; therefore, if you need to use the device you have to remove it from the case.

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